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Undeniably true: no one wants to miss a single moment on every special and important occasion. Everybody wants to keep those memories both in mind and in an album, be it digital or in a traditional hard copy album. Taking photos has become a normal routine that people do even on normal days. However, when the event is special, we take a more professional approach to capturing these moments. We’d like the photos to look extra nice on special occasions. These captured moments are memories that can be shared with other people and are treasured for a lifetime.

Parents always want to record their child’s firsts. Birthday celebrants want their cake to be the highlight of the pictures. The most important part of a graduation is when the diploma is handed over to the graduate. For a couple at their engagement party, every smile should be captured. And to the bride and the groom on their special day; every moment must be documented. But why is it necessary to hire a professional photographer when all of us know how to take pictures anyway?

From a photographer’s perspective, taking pictures is not just about taking pictures. It is not just about capturing the moment for keepsake. It is more about capturing the details of the event and showing them in the photos taken. There are different classifications of photography. They are the Photojournalistic Photography, Formal Photography, Artistic Photography and Wedding Photography. There are also five special occasions among others where people need to hire a professional photographer: graduations, corporate events, birthdays, weddings and baby showers.

Formal or Portrait Photography. Photos here are taken with the individual in still pose. This type of photography is used to capture the best image of a person. Graduation and family portraits are the two common examples in this category.

Artistic Photography. In this type of photography, photographers add some effects to their photos to turn them into art. This type of photography holds wide variety of subjects where they can showcase their artistry. Artistic photographers have different subjects that they are passionate about and use a various range of cameras and perform some photo editing methods to make their photos different.

Photojournalistic Photography. This is commonly used by the journalists in capturing the news and events. They present a story by the means of a photograph. Talk about a picture paints a thousand words. This type of photography captures people and events in their natural elements. This too will be a great technique to use for any parties or social gatherings.

Wedding Photography. This type has always been very popular. Photographers in this field use a combination of different kinds of photography skills in capturing all of the memories on the special day of the couple, their family and guests.

However, it is best to note that when you plan to hire a professional photographer, to discuss with them the packages that they offer. Taking photographs with the use of a typical point-and-shoot digital camera is absolutely not the same! And that exactly is the reason why it is important to consider having a professional photographer during your treasured special occasions.